George Santos’ Constituents Respond to His Arraignment For Fraud Charges

( – Representative George Santos, a Republican of New York’s Third Congressional District, has been arraigned on charges of a fraud scheme where he allegedly received personal financial benefits from campaign fundraisers. The constituents of Santos’ district have responded, stating that, in their view, they are “living in madness,” The Guardian reported.

George Santos pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against him, CNN reported.

As the drama unfolded around Santos’ arraignment, Santos was notably missing from the class photo of Congress, CNN reported. Likewise, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy stated that he would not be supporting the Republican representative for his re-election bid, noting that Santos has “a lot going on,” CNN reported.

Media critics responded to Santos’ arraignment. In his representative state of New York, media criticism was heated. Reports from other mainstream outlets commented on the “scathing” cover of Santos presented by New York Daily News, Yahoo News wrote. Speaking to reporters, Santos stated that he had the “right to fight” to prove his innocence, and claimed that he would “fight the witch hunt” to clear himself of guilt.

Speaking to the media, Representative Steve Scalise, (R. Louisiana) explained that Santos had already been removed from all his committees before the indictment and that he would have to go through the legal processes, Yahoo News reported. Scalise explained that in America, while there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, Santos would have to go through the proper legal process. Scalise likewise told reporters that Congress would continue working to “root out” fraud from its offices.

In the eyes of federal prosecutors, Santos is a con man who traded in politics to get access to a “design lifestyle,” The New York Times reported. Reporters criticized Santos’ asking him why he would apply for unemployment benefits while he had a job. Santos claimed that the media had incorrect information and that he would be “presenting his facts.” Santos, likewise, told reporters that he would not resign and that he did plan on pursuing re-election, even though it was a “long time away,” The New York Times reported.

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