Gal Gadot Film Screening Turns to Chaos as Political Brawl Breaks Out

( – Anti-Israel protesters gathered Wednesday night outside the Museum of Tolerance to oppose Gal Gadot’s presentation of a film about horrors committed by the Palestinian terror group Hamas in its October attack. A brawl broke out as a result.

A private showing of “Bearing Witness to the October 7th Massacre,” which includes gruesome footage obtained by Hamas fighters’ body cameras and cellphones and collated by the Israel Defense Forces, was reportedly attended by 150 people. Protesters shouted and waved flags outside the museum before departing as the program ended. An hour later, however, a smaller number of protesters returned, and physical altercations ensued.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is a Jewish human rights organization, and its Museum of Tolerance bills itself as its teaching branch.

The melee happened two days after a Jewish activist died from head injuries during a clash with a pro-Palestinian demonstrator in Thousand Oaks in Los Angeles northwest. The murder is still under investigation. No one has been arrested.

The film Gadot presented, which runs for about 43 minutes, is a collection of footage shot by Hamas on GoPros and mobile phones and footage shot by victims of the attack on dashboard cameras, CCTV cameras, and their phones. It was one of the most violent attacks on civilians ever witnessed in the West, Gadot reflected. It was “the worst thing” she had ever seen. Gadot, who is Israeli, showed the film to a small group of her Hollywood peers to impress upon them the gravity of the situation.

Pro-Palestinian groups, however, raised objections, much as they had previously raised objections to posters depicting Israeli hostages taken by Hamas and to any other evidence of Jewish or Israeli victimhood. One protester’s sign read, “The Museum of Tolerance is presenting a pro-genocide video.”

The media merely reported that there were several confrontations, but the anti-Israel protestors were blamed for inciting the violence. A woman was hit in the face, and a photographer’s glasses were smashed.

Just three days after a Jewish man, age 69, was purportedly slain in a clash between pro- and anti-Israel activists in Westlake Village, the community erupted in street brawls.

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