Funeral Interrupted After Body Is Found To Be Alive

( – A funeral in Ecuador was halted after the person presumed to be dead was found alive in their casket. Bella Montoya’s family was shocked to hear the 76-year-old woman knocking from inside the casket as they gathered to mourn her death.

A hospital in the city of Babahoyo, Ecuador was pronounced dead in a local hospital following a suspected stroke.

Montoya was reportedly recovered by medics from the casket and placed on a stretcher. She had been officially reported dead four hours before, and her son had been given an official death certificate.

Once Montoya woke up in the coffin, she was taken by firefighters on a stretcher to a hospital. She was then reportedly taken to an intensive care unit, where her son said she was placed on oxygen. The woman’s condition was stable at the time of this report.

While a strange occurrence, this has not been the only time this has happened in recent history. Earlier in 2023, an elderly Long Island, New York woman was pronounced dead at a nursing home where she lived and then was transported to a funeral home, where she was found alive by funeral staffers.

The woman had been living at Water’s Edge rehab and nursing center in Port Jefferson, New York, and then was taken to the O.B. Davis Funeral home where she was “found breathing.” Locals reacted to the reports saying that it was “awful” and a “shock” for the families and friends. Likewise, locals told the media that there was “obviously” some level of incompetence for this to have happened.

A similar incident likewise occurred in Iowa in 2021, which was reported earlier in 2023. The woman was pronounced dead at a local nursing home and was placed inside a body bag. When she was transported to the funeral home, and the bag was unzipped, she was discovered breathing by the staff, who then called 911.

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