Friend of E. Jean Carroll Testifies in Case Against Trump

( – E. Jean Carroll, a columnist for Elle magazine and author, has accused former President Donald Trump of raping her in a Bergdorf-Goodman high-end retailer department store’s dressing room in the 1990s. As Carroll’s testimony and cross-examination continued into May, the writer’s friends took to the witness stand to testify about the alleged events, NBC reported. This was part of Carroll’s lawyers’ attempts to corroborate her claim, USA Today reported.

To continue their corroboration efforts, Carroll’s lawyers called on her friend and another woman who claimed that Trump assaulted her as well, USA Today reported.

Lisa Birnbach, a fellow writer and friend of Carroll, who had interviewed Trump near the time of these events, reportedly claimed that in 1996, she received a phone call from Carroll claiming that Birnbach “would not believe” what had just happened to her. Birnbach claimed that Carroll sounded “emotional” and “out of breath” on the phone. During her Manhattan court testimony, Birnbach claimed that Carroll’s voice was “doing all sorts of things,” as she gave her account of the alleged events.

Carroll described to Birnbach that she had been “shopping” with Trump when he forced her into a dressing room and then proceeded to allegedly force her to have intercourse. Carroll stated in a personal memoir that she was able to force Trump off of her and then flee the scene. In her testimony, Birnbach recounted telling Carroll that Trump had “raped her” and that she needed to go to the police, but Carroll had, at that time, refused. Birnbach also stated that Carroll swore her to secrecy after their alleged phone call.

During her testimony, Birnbach likewise attested that she first publicly corroborated Carroll’s account in 2019, despite receiving public criticism. At that time, Carroll was preparing a memoir. Trump responded to the publication, calling Carroll a “liar” which led to Carroll suing Trump for battery and defamation in a 2023 trial, which was still being heard in court at the time of this report.

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