Franklin Graham Leads Prayer for President Trump at Rally (VIDEO)

Franklin Graham Leads Prayer for President Trump at Rally (VIDEO)

( – On Sunday, November 1, two days before 2020’s presidential election, Donald Trump took to the stage in North Carolina for a late rally. He did not address the crowd alone. Rev. Franklin Graham led the crowd in a prayer for the incumbent ahead of Tuesday’s vote.

Graham prayed for the protection of the president and the Trump family, as well as for the nation.

Graham is the leader of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, named for and founded by his late father. He‘s long been an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, praising the president’s dedication to traditional values. In May of last year, he led a group of Christian pastors in signing a statement encouraging Americans to pray for Trump.

North Carolina is a crucial battleground state. While its 15 electoral votes have gone to a Republican candidate in 10 of the most recent 12 elections, it could still go either way this year. The Trump campaign will be hoping this event may contribute to a strong performance.

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