Fox Reporter Puts Karine Jean-Pierre on the Spot, Asks About Biden’s Shady Business Ties

Fox Reporter Puts Karine Jean-Pierre on the Spot, Asks About Biden's Shady Business Ties

( – Since President Joe Biden took his current office, and even before, questions about potential links between his family and inappropriate business interests have swirled. Specifically, analysts have wondered whether he may have used his political influence to broker deals that benefited his relatives, such as his son Hunter Biden and his brother James Biden. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy put White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on the spot over this issue on Tuesday, January 3.

What Happened Between Doocy and Jean-Pierre?

Doocy began by noting the incoming Republican majority in the House of Representatives and the impact this would likely have on the House Oversight Committee. He said GOP lawmakers involved in the Committee stated they had acquired evidence that President Biden had been inappropriately involved in “his family’s business schemes.”

Jean-Pierre initially attempted to deflect the question, noting House Republicans had promised they would prioritize the fight against inflation during the midterm elections campaign. She stated Republicans were now more interested in pursuing an investigation into the actions of the Biden family than helping “the American people.”

Previous Investigations Into and Reports on the Biden Family by Republicans

This isn’t the first time conservative commentators or officials have probed the Biden family over its supposedly inappropriate business ties. In November of last year, the Republicans on the House Oversight Committee issued an interim staff report on an investigation they were conducting into the family’s business connections at the time. The document reported there were doubts over the president’s claim he was not involved in promoting his son Hunter’s business activities in Ukraine and China.

The report highlighted financial transactions executed by the Biden family during Joe Biden’s time in elected office, showing up to 150 suspicious activity reports (SARs). Additionally, the Biden administration has changed the rules around the dissemination of information related to these reports, making it more difficult for reporters to inform the public about them. According to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), SARs are used to alert the authorities to “suspicious activity that might signal criminal activity,” such as tax evasion or money laundering.

The president has repeatedly insisted he has never involved himself in his son’s business dealings, going as far as stating he had never even discussed them.

What do you think might be going on behind the scenes with the Biden family? Might a Republican-led investigation into these affairs uncover something illegal about their operations?

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