Fox News Ratings Suffer Post Tucker Carlson Firing

( – Fox News ratings have reportedly tanked following the firing of crowd-favorite show host Tucker Carlson. At the end of April, ratings reportedly tumbled for Carlson’s time spot firing his departure from the Fox News network. Viewers were abandoning the network at the time that Carlson would typically begin his program in a show of solidarity for the former host.

Carlson and Fox News agreed to part ways shortly after the Fox Corporation agreed to a settlement with Dominion Voting Systems for $787m in damages over claims made by the network, including many claims made on Tucker Carlson’s program.

Former President Donald Trump reacted to recent programming by Fox. Following the poor performance of the former president’s Fox News Town hall, the former president stated that, in his view, the network was “dying.” The Town Hall with Sean Hannity reportedly had a weak viewer turnout, with only an average of 2.78 million viewers tuning in. Trump’s Fox Town Hall had reportedly been weaker than even his “tepid” viewer turnout on a similar broadcast by CNN. Mainstream media reports had attributed this to the former president’s “steady trend downward” over recent years.

However, the “tepid” turnout on TV channels did not reflect the whole audience’s engagement. During the live show’s commercial break, a video shared by Dan Scavino showed chants of “we love Trump” echoing through the audience. Additionally, Trump continues to lead the political polls for the Republican primary race, at the time of this report.

Trump still maintains his belief that the 2020 election was stolen from the Republican party and his candidacy, despite the lack of corroboration from investigations. Nevertheless, Trump continues to express his disgust for a series of political battles he deems to be “hoaxes.” As these political battles unfold, Trump and his supporters have also at times been critical of Fox News for its stance amid the events. For example, War Room podcast host Steve Bannon accused Fox News of “illegitimately” calling the election results for President Biden, because Bannon along with Trump and his supporters believe that fraud was involved in the 2020 election. Bannon warned Fox Corporation executive Rupert Murdoch that he, and others with his same beliefs, would see to it that Fox News was boycotted to where it no longer had a network.

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