Fox News LEGEND Joins Democrats – Switching Sides!

Fox News Contributor Karl Rove Is Pushing a Democrat Candidate for Governor

Fox News Contributor Karl Rove Is Pushing a Democrat Candidate for Governor

( – A Republican strategist who once worked as a senior advisor to President George W. Bush is funding a gubernatorial candidate in next month’s midterm elections — a Democrat one. Karl Rove has decided to throw his weight, and money, behind a liberal instead of supporting the GOP candidate.

Last week, a new ad started running in support of wannabe Pennsylvania governor Josh Shapiro. What sets it apart from the other pro-Shapiro ads is that this one was funded by the American Crossroads super PAC — and it’s run by Karl Rove and former RNC chair Ed Gillespie. It’s a Republican PAC, but it’s supporting a far-left Democrat against the Republican candidate, State Senator Doug Mastriano.

Mastriano has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, and that’s a clue as to why Rove is trying to sabotage his campaign. Rove is part of the establishment, which has a history of opposing Trump and his MAGA movement. The Pennsylvania Republican Party tried to game the primary to shut out Mastriano, and when it failed, leading members — including fundraiser Josh Bartos — started building links with Shapiro’s team.

In fact, Bartos’ wife actually hosted a fundraising function for Shapiro’s campaign. Never-Trumpers claim the former president is damaging the GOP, but they’re the ones who’re actively working with the Democrats to block their own party’s candidates.

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