Fox News Host Responds To Biden Family’s Secret Lovechild Matter

( – Fox News host Harris Faulkner is making headlines after slamming liberal talk show “The View” for spreading gossip that Trump “probably” has a secret grandkid. There is no evidence Trump has unacknowledged or “secret” grandchildren.

The reason the subject is in discussion is because of the recently resolved child support hearings involving Hunter Biden and his four year-old-daughter Navy Joan in Arkansas. Hunter Biden recently agreed to donate some of his artwork to his daughter and pay her a set amount every month in child support. The Bidens have blocked Navy Joan’s mother Lunden Roberts from attempts to legally change her daughter’s surname to Biden, and President Biden has consistently refused to acknowledge Navy Joan in any way.

The View host, Whoopi Goldberg, who previously faced a suspension over her offensive comments downplaying anti-Semitism, said that the conservative focus on Biden’s family drama is “unnecessary” and should remain “private.” Her far-left co-host Sara Haines claimed that Trump “probably does” have a secret grandkid, indicating her belief that conservative outrage over Navy Joan is hypocritical and manufactured.

President Biden came into office promising “decency” and restoring “the soul of America,” but has now been outed as a verbally abusive bully behind closed doors with a grandchild he doesn’t even acknowledge. As for decency, cocaine was recently discovered in the White House, Hunter Biden tried to deny even having a daughter with Roberts before a DNA test proved him to be the father, and the Bidens are now actively downplaying a lovechild in Arkansas from one of Hunter’s drug-fueled alliances he claims to not even remember.

Even left-wing New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd came out recently with a critical column on Biden, urging him to acknowledge his seventh grandchild and be honorable about this situation. According to Dowd, Biden is “scarring” his young granddaughter and making her feel excluded and inferior by not acknowledging her, which sets a terrible precedent and example for the nation.

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