Fox News Host Calls Out Pete Buttigieg for Spreading False Information

Fox News Host Exposes Pete Buttigieg's Lies

( – Pete Buttigieg was seen as something of a rising star in the Democratic Party during his 2019 Democratic presidential primary run. However, now he is serving as President Joe Biden’s secretary of transportation, and it hasn’t taken him long to suffer his first gaffe.

On Sunday, April 11, Fox News’ Chris Wallace highlighted a major misrepresentation Buttigieg had made in relation to President Joe Biden’s $2-trillion infrastructure package. A number of administration officials, including Buttigieg, claimed the package would create 19 million jobs, citing a Moody’s Analytics study as their source.

As Wallace pointed out, that study actually states the infrastructure plan would only add about 2.7 million jobs. Nineteen million is the total number of jobs the economy is set to add, and 16.3 million of those will come about without the help of the infrastructure plan.

Buttigieg scrambled to deflect focus away from his mistake, stating “the bottom line is, it’s going to add jobs.” However, episodes like this will do little to build the public’s trust in the Biden administration.

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