Fox News BOARD MEMBER Stabs Trump in the Back!

RINO Paul Ryan Goes on Huge Anti-Trump Rant

RINO Paul Ryan Goes on Huge Anti-Trump Rant

( – A turncoat Republican has launched a new assault on former President Donald Trump. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t seem to understand the appeal of Trump’s MAGA movement, or what Republican voters are thinking. It isn’t Trump that GOP voters are rejecting; it’s his political enemies.

Former Wisconsin congressman and House Speaker Paul Ryan talked to Fox News’s Stuart Varney on October 25 and launched into a hostile rant when Varney asked him if Trump is electable in 2024. Admitting he has “a history” with Trump, Ryan claimed by 2024, Republicans will be so determined to retake the White House that “we won’t nominate Donald Trump because we want to win.”

Ryan claimed that the typical suburban voter “doesn’t like Trump, but they like Republicans.” He thinks any GOP candidate apart from the former president stands a strong chance of winning, and said the party has “a stable of great candidates” who’re all capable of beating the Democrats. However, he refused to commit to any particular one, even when Varney asked if he supported Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R).

Part of the reason for Ryan’s confidence is the likelihood of major GOP gains at next month’s midterm elections. However, what he’s either ignoring or failing to understand is Republican voters are overwhelmingly backing candidates endorsed by the former president, and rejecting never-Trumpers like Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) — in other words, people just like Paul Ryan.

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