Fox News Announces Tucker Carlson Replacement

( – Fox News has replaced Tucker Carlson’s prime time slot with longtime host Jesse Watters. Fox revealed the changes Monday, clarifying that their new primetime lineup will start with Laura Ingraham at 7 pm, followed by Watters at 8 pm, Sean Hannity at 9 pm and comedy personality Greg Gutfeld at 10 pm.

Fox News fired Carlson from his popular program Tucker Carlson Tonight without notice in late April via email. At the time of his dismissal in the first quarter of 2023, Carlson’s program was by far the most popular on the network, garnering an average of around 3.9 million viewers per night, as compared to Watters’ show which was averaging 2.6 million viewers per night. Fox portrayed Carlson’s departure as a mutual decision between Carlson and the company. Stock value for Fox Corporation fell by over $1 billion in the aftermath of the popular host’s firing.

Watters is a married father of four who divorced his first wife and married his Fox producer Emma DeGiovine in 2018. He has worked for Fox since 2002. His first role was working for Bill O’Reilly’s show “The O’Reilly Factor” by interviewing random people on the street about popular and controversial news topics. Watters rose up through the ranks with his enthusiasm and hard work ethic, winning his own Saturday night show “Watters’ World” and a spot on the political discussion panel “The Five.”

Watters has had his own show weekdays at 7 pm on the network since January of 2022 and has outperformed other cable network competitors for this time slot. Dr. Anthony Fauci demanded that Fox News dismiss Watters in December of 2021 after Watters used the term “kill shot” to talk about the need to catch Fauci off guard and expose his unethical deeds heading the federal government’s pandemic response.

Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott presented the changes as a positive step forward, saying that Watters and the other primetime hosts have “unique perspectives” that will make sure Fox News audiences have “unrivaled coverage” for many years into the future.

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