Fourth Trump Indictment in the Works in Georgia

Donald Trump Cries

( – Former president Donald Trump may be enjoying a very comfortable lead over his rivals for the GOP presidential nomination, but his battles on the legal front are an entirely different story. The former President is set to face a fourth indictment, again over similar charges to that of his third indictment, but this time particularly in the state of Georgia.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis told news outlets that she and her team have been working on the case for more than two years, and are finally ready to level formal charges against Trump. She told news outlets that the charges will be focused “on Georgia and things that impacted Georgia.”

Trump’s legal team have made repeated attempts to block Willis’ investigation, but have not seen any successes thus far.

There are no details as to what particular charges Trump will be facing, but a grand jury has already been picked and sworn in, and a number of witnesses have already received subpoenas to appear in court. Security at the Fulton County courthouse in Atlanta has also been heightened in light of the looming indictment.

One of the key pieces in Willis’ case against the former president was his call to, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who serves as the states chief election officer, asking him to “find” more than 11,000 votes, which would have secured him the win in the Georgia.

Lawyers for the embattled former commander-in-chief defended his actions, saying that it was within his rights to make the call. “President Trump had every right to ask the Secretary of State,” John Lauro told NBC’s “Meet the Press” recently. Lauro explained that in light of perceived “deficiencies” in the election Trump simply wanted assurance that the votes were being counted properly.

This impending indictment is also different from the third in terms of the number of people who will be charged, which reports peg at almost 20 individuals.

Trump seems to be aware of the indictment, and sought to get ahead of it, recently telling a crowd of supporters in Windham, New Hampshire that, “I should have four (indictments) by some time next week.” He also took the opportunity to blast Democrats anew, saying that “corrupt political opponent crooked Joe Biden” is forcing him to take allocate resources “to fight bogus made-up accusations and charges” in an election campaign where is a strong frontrunner.

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