Four Democrats Abandon Party in Ominous New Trend

Three Democrats Abandon Party in Ominous New Trend

( – The Republican Party didn’t make as many gains as it had hoped in last month’s midterm elections, but suddenly it looks like the Democrats might be the ones in real trouble. Moderate Democrats have suddenly started abandoning their party. In the last two weeks, four politicians have thrown off the Democrat label to become Independents or Republicans.

On December 2, West Virginia State Senator Glenn Jeffries said after having “wrestled with this,” he left the Democratic Party and registered as a Republican so he could “best represent the state.” Jeffries told journalists by moving over to the GOP, he could help the state develop economically.

Three days later, Brooklyn councilman Ari Kagan, who was elected to the New York City Council last year, gave a press conference to announce he was changing sides. He said he’d found himself constantly asking, “What am I doing in the Democratic Party?” The same day Biloxi, Mississippi, councilman Felix Gines also switched to the GOP, saying it was now “more in line with my views.”

The most dramatic shift of all came from an Arizona Senator. Kyrsten Sinema (I) announced on December 9 she had left the Democrats and would continue in office as an independent. Just days after Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) won his runoff, giving the Dems a real majority in the Senate, Sinema took it away from them again.

The common thread running through all these defections is the Democratic Party has moved increasingly to the left under President Biden, and traditional Dems have had enough. They’re no longer comfortable in their old party and feel more at home as independents or Republicans. It’s certain more Dems are looking at Sinema and the others with some serious envy.

Do you think others will follow suit?

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