Former Trump Organization Financial Chief Released from Prison

( – The Trump organization’s former Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg has been released from prison, on Wednesday, April 19, the New York City Department of Corrections confirmed, as reported by CNBC News.

Weisselberg had been imprisoned for tax fraud and “other crimes” CBS reported. After pleading guilty in 2022, Weisselberg agreed he would testify against the Trump Organization in upcoming legal cases. Weisselberg pled guilty to 15 counts of fraud and tax evasion, as part of a scheme to receive over $1.7 million in “off-the-books perks and compensation” from the Trump firm, CBS reported. He testified at his Trump Organization trial in 2022. During his testimony, Weisselberg stated that the Trumps had a “role” in the financial fraud scheme, CBS News reported in November.

Weisselberg reportedly served “100 days” incarcerated in the New York City Rikers Island jail. While some reports stated that Weisselberg spent “99” full days in jail, The New York Daily News wrote, CBS and Reuters reported that the duration of Weisselberg’s incarceration was “100 days.” He was sentenced by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to serve five months in jail in January 2023. As part of his sentence, Weisselberg also paid $2 million in back taxes, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office stated.

At the time of Weisselberg’s testimony, D.A. Bragg claimed that the plea “directly implicated” the Trump Organization of fraud crimes. Bragg has since indicted former president Donald Trump on “34 felony counts” of document fraud, in the case of hush money payments made to former adult film star Stormy Daniels, and other fraud crimes.

The Trump Organization has hotly criticized the indictment and accusations. For her allegations against the former president, Trump won a lawsuit against Daniels, who was ordered to pay $120,000 in legal fees, CNN reported.

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