Former President Donald Trump Says “World War III Has Never Been Closer;” Slams Warmongers

( – In a new video message that was broadcast on social media, former President Donald Trump claimed that world politics were verging closer to a third global conflict. Trump said that “World War III” had never been closer, and slammed the “warmongers” and “globalists” in the State Department and the current national security industrial complex, Forbes Breaking News reported.

Trump said that these so-called warmongers were “America Last globalists,” and said that Americans need to “clean house” of the presence of these people in U.S. public institutions. He claimed that the only reason he was one of the few presidents in generations to not start a foreign war during his time as president was that he was the only president in recent history who “actively rejected” advice from the security councils of generals, bureaucrats, and the “so-called diplomats”. Trump called out Victoria Nuland by name and said that there were “many others” just like her in Washington, D.C. Victoria Nuland is an American diplomat, who is currently serving as the undersecretary of State for political affairs, a position she was sworn into in April 2021, after having served as assistant secretary for Eastern Europe and Eurasian affairs.

The social media message called out the current national security councils and the Biden administration’s policy over Ukraine. Other Republicans, such as Ron DeSantis, have called out Biden’s “blank check policy” over Ukraine and stated that the Biden administration must become clear on what its specific objective is in supporting the Ukrainian war effort against the Russian incursion into Ukraine’s territory.

DeSantis told Fox & Friends that the Biden administration should consider the possibility of a “proxy war” with the Chinese Communist regime as a possible escalation of American support for the Ukraine effort. DeSantis’ comments followed a surprise state visit by President Joe Biden to Ukraine’s frontline, to discuss the war effort and American support of it with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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