Former President Carter Asks President Biden To Deliver His Eulogy

( – Former President Jimmy Carter has requested that incumbent President Joe Biden deliver his eulogy, President Biden revealed late on March 13, USA Today reported. The former president entered hospice care at the end of February, remaining in treatment at his home in south Georgia, the Associated Press reported.

President Biden addressed Carter’s health during remarks made to the Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Rancho Santa Fe, New Mexico on the evening of March 13. Biden let the news that Carter asked him to read his eulogy slip, and then apologized, saying that he “should not have” said he would be delivering the eulogy.

Former president Jimmy Carter, age 98, reportedly entered in-home hospice care after a series of “short stays” in the hospital. Carter is currently the oldest living former president. While Carter has entered the end-of-life care, his niece told the press that he “still has some time in him,” and that Carter is “doing well” adjusting to his end-of-life treatment, USA Today reported.

In 2015, the former president announced that he had been diagnosed with a form of metastatic melanoma cancer. The cancer was first found in Carter’s liver and then spread to his brain. After a few months, Carter announced that he had gone into remission. In 2019, the former president would suffer a fall that resulted in a pelvic fracture, USA Today reported.

As Carter’s time on earth draws to a close, the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library has celebrated his life. On March 14, National Write Your Story day, the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library tweeted that Carter had written a total of 32 books in his lifetime, of which the majority were “biographical” in nature.

The Substack author Brian Krassenstein also posted a tribute to Carter on Twitter on March 14, noting that, at the age of 95, he had continued to build houses for Habitat for Humanity.

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