Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Considering Presidential Race

( – The list of contenders for the Republican Presidential Campaign in 2024 is long. Now Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is reportedly pondering a run, taking jabs at former president Donald Trump.

Christie has “one weird old trick” he could use to beat Donald Trump’s lead, The New Republic wrote. Christie claimed that the best way to defeat Trump in the polls was “to be a jerk”, which referred to Christie’s view that, to succeed, he must emulate Donald Trump’s behavior.

The former New Jersey Governor has been vocally opposed to both former President Donald Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden in recent public media statements. On March 28 Christie made a public speech in New Hampshire calling out Trump, The New York Times reported. During his speech, Christie claimed that “only he” could be the one to topple Trump, the New York Post reported. Although he was one of the first Republicans to back Trump in 2016, Christe claimed he would never do so again, Axios reported.

Christie has made similar callouts regarding the former president. He received a standing ovation at the GOP governor meeting in November, after stating that Trump had become the reason for the failings of the Republican party, Axios reported.

Christie called out Biden on Fox News for comments he made regarding “chocolate chip ice cream” before addressing the nation on The Covenant School Nashville, Tennessee shooting.

On the morning of March 27, a 28-year-old transgender female entered The Covenant School campus and opened fire, killing two adult female school employees, the school’s African American male custodian, and three young children.

Later on March 27, Christie blasted Biden on Fox News for making comments about ice cream before he addressed the shooting, saying that Biden had “misunderstood” the moment. Christie likewise accused the president of “playing politics” with the events, due to comments made by Biden hoping that Congress would re-enact similar legislation to that he helped to pass in 1994 that would put a 10-year ban on the manufacture and distribution of semi-automatic weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices. The 1994 legislation formally expired in September 2004, Fox News reported.

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