Former First Lady Melania Trump “Fully Supports” Trump 2024

( – Former First Lady Melania Trump has expressed full support of her husband former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign for a second term, being quoted as saying it would be a “privilege” to serve as first lady again, Fox News reported.

Mrs. Trump told Fox News that her husband had achieved “tremendous success” during his first term in the White House. Likewise, she believes that Trump can lead the American people “toward greatness and prosperity.” At the time of this report, the former president is “sitting ahead” of the other possible Republican contenders, The Hill reported. On May 9, a Morning Consult poll tracking the 2024 GOP Primary race showed Trump had a 41 point lead over his anticipated competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

If Trump is elected for a second term, Mrs. Trump stated she would focus on “Be Best” initiatives, which support children, Fox News reported.

Despite recent criticism for “snubbing” Mrs. Trump’s birthday message, Mr. Trump congratulated his wife and said she had done “a good job” as First Lady, The Independent reported. Trump specifically praised the former First Lady for her “Be Best” campaign.

The former First Lady likewise received criticism from left-leaning media outlets as Mother Jones wrote on what, in the editorial’s view, was an “extraordinary” ability to ignore her husband’s behavior and outstanding leading cases. Mr. Trump faced “34 felony charges” over a span of various cases in Manhattan, New York, and in the federal Supreme Court at the time of this report.

In addition to children supporting programs, Mrs. Trump is working on initiatives to grant scholarships to returning students who grew up in the foster care system. Mrs. Trump spoke with Peter Hegseth of Fox News about her “Foster the Future” scholarship.

A scholarship recipient, Michael White, explained his life in foster care and how he lived in eight different homes and was not able to afford college. White was able to directly thank Mrs. Trump on the Hegseth program to thank her for his scholarship that made him able to go to college and “restore the academic rigor.”

During their appearance on the Peter Hegseth show, Mrs. Trump told White to “study hard” and to “make his dreams come true.”

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