Former Clinton Official Believes Classified Documents Scandal Spells Big Trouble for Biden

Former Clinton Official Believes Classified Documents Scandal Spells Big Trouble for Biden

( – President Joe Biden is currently dealing with the fallout of a major scandal related to his handling of classified documents. He apparently kept possession of protected files from the time he was vice president, and he’s now facing investigations from both the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee. David Gergen, an author and political analyst who served as an adviser during the administration of former President Bill Clinton, recently appeared on CNN to share his negative outlook on this issue as far as the Biden administration is concerned.

Gergen, who is a top political analyst with CNN, spoke with host Anderson Cooper and opined that this incident will cause major political damage to Joe Biden. He noted that some critics who had worried about the president’s ability to govern because of his advanced years had recently had their fears “dissipated” by his performance in some key areas. However, Gergen noted, this “gigantic story” will mark a major step back for the Biden administration.

The analyst went on to acknowledge Biden officials had done well in their efforts to cooperate with the government investigation from the start. He added, however, they needed to change their approach going forward, or they would get “creamed.” He and Cooper highlighted the potential damage that could arise from the fact that Biden officials failed to reveal all the classified documents in the president’s position when they had the chance.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert Hur as the special counsel to lead the probe into this matter. Hur, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, previously served as a federal prosecutor in Maryland.

If Gergen’s view on this matter is accurate, it could spell disaster for the current president as he prepares for a potential re-election battle in 2024.

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