Former Attorney General William Barr Warns About Looming Trump Document Probe

( – Former Attorney General William Barr, in a recent appearance on ABC This Week, stated that the former President Donald Trump will likely face greater legal challenges from the Department of Justice’s evidence on the January 6 events, ABC News reported.

Barr stated that in his view, when Trump took possession of classified documents from his time spent in the Oval Office, he was “jerking the government around,” and that he was “playing games” with federal investigators who sought evidence about the classified records. The former president has impending legal cases in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. over his role in the 2020 election certification interruptions and the riots at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, USA Today reported.

Barr told reporters that the Department of Justice may have a “serious potential case” against the former president regarding the potential obstruction of justice over classified documents stored at Mar-A-Lago. This evidence and the ensuing investigation into it could pose a threat to Trump’s political future.

Barr admonished Trump’s verbal attacks against the judge prosecuting his impending legal case in Manhattan explaining to ABC that the comments will likely “greatly weaken” Trump in the general election. Barr referred to a campaign trail post-arrest speech where Trump gave heated criticism of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and the Manhattan judge presiding over the Stormy Daniels hush money case. Trump made comments about Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan and his family following a prompt from Merchan that Trump “please refrain” from making inflammatory statements that could potentially “incite violence” surrounding his legal case.

Trump drew criticism for his post-arrest speech from Fox News host Steve Doocy, Newsweek reported.

The Trump campaign faces legal challenges as the former president has been dragged to court over numerous legal investigations. While these cases loom, Trump continues to press ahead with his 2024 Presidential Campaign.

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