Forewoman Says Special Grand Jury in Trump Probe Recommended Indictment for “More Than a Dozen” People

( – A grand jury forewoman has stated that the special grand jury appointed to the Fulton County, Georgia probe of Donald Trump, the 2020 Presidential elections, and voter fraud, has recommended “more than a dozen” people for indictment, NBC News reported. Emily Kohrs told an NBC News panel that some names on the indictment list are expected, while others may not be generally recognized at first. Kohrs did not state any specific names at the time of this report.

When asked if the names included Donald Trump, Kohrs stated that this is a possibility.

Kohrs stated that the indictment list is “not short”. Likewise, she stated that she does not believe any major “plot twists” are coming, and that it was unlikely the public would be amazed or surprised by the conclusions the jury reached.

The grand jury release comes as the former president is amplifying his 2024 presidential campaign. Trump recently released a broadcast video message to social media calling out the “warmongering” of the current government and national security complex, and calling for Americans to “clean house” of “America Last globalists,” Forbes Breaking News reported.

Political contenders believe that a Trump indictment would eliminate his candidacy. Trump’s current campaign has suffered some financial setbacks as a result of his legal battles. In 2022, federal court filings showed that Trump spent $16 million from his PAC Save America for his legal and legal-related bills, The Seattle Times reported. Save America is a leadership PAC founded by Donald Trump in November 2020 following the 2020 Presidential Elections. Ballotpedia explained that a leadership PAC is directly founded by a candidate for federal office to support candidates for federal or nonfederal offices. By paying legal bills out of the leadership PAC funds, the Trump 2024 campaign has been directly impacted by Trump’s ongoing legal battles.

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