Florida Senator Introduces the Ultimate Cancel Act That Would Decertify the Florida Democratic Party

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Senator Blaise Ingoglia (R. Florida), has introduced a bill to decertify the Democratic Party in Florida, claiming that Florida is the state where “woke goes to die,” USA Today’s Tallahassee Democrat wrote. The bill would both decertify and “ban” the Democratic Party in Florida, eliminating the party, rendering Florida a uni-partisan state, local NBC wrote. The bill does not specifically mention the Democratic Party of Florida by name, New York Post noted.

Ingoglia called his bill, Senate Bill 1248, the “Ultimate Cancel Act.” The bill was described by the Florida Senate as proceedings that would require the Division of Elections to “immediately cancel the filings” of a political party if certain conditions exist. The bill gave the condition that any party that “previously advocated for or been in support of slavery or involuntary servitude.” These conditions apply particularly to the Democratic Party of Florida, due to historic support of the Atlantic Slave Trade by Southern U.S. Democrats. The Republican party references its history as having initially been a coalition of anti-slavery Conscience Whigs,

If a voter is registered as a member of a canceled political party, then that voter will automatically be listed in Florida as having “No Party Affiliation” and would then need to re-register with another active political party. The bill would then allow the canceled political party to re-register with the state.

Based on the text, the registrants with “No Party Affiliation” would have the option of either the Republican Party of Florida or one of the other minor parties, which include the Coalition With a Purpose Party, Conservative Party of Florida, Constitution Party of Florida, Ecology Party of Florida, the Green Party of Florida, the Independent Party of Florida, the Libertarian Party of Florida, the No Labels Party of Florida, the Party for Socialism and Liberation Florida, the People’s Party, and the Reform Party Florida. The Florida State Department would need to notify members of the Democratic Party of Florida that their party had been terminated and that they would have to register with a new party.

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