Florida Republicans Prepare To Support DeSantis’ Bid for Presidential Candidate Nominee

(RepublicanDaily.org) – As the presidential primary race draws closer, Florida Republicans gear up to boost the potential candidacy of incumbent Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Politico reported.

GOP Lawmakers are reportedly taking steps to “undercut” and “nix” any legal challenges DeSantis’ policies have faced. Among these challenges is a year-long battle with the Walt Disney Company, which has entered a “new phase,” CNN reported on February 3. DeSantis has reportedly had a year-long feud with the Disney company as part of his ongoing policy that challenges “woke” companies.

The Florida governor has introduced a wave of new legislation and tax cuts to promote conservative values in Florida called the Framework For Freedom budget framework.

Among these is a ban on Florida property sales to Chinese Communist regime-linked entities. DeSantis argued that Chinese-linked entities should not be allowed to purchase farmland in Florida or within the United States because it is a threat to U.S. national security.

In addition to security measures, DeSantis introduced a variety of Florida state tax cuts intended to promote family values. Tax cuts included a permanent tax exemption on gas-powered cooking appliances. Florida has the lowest adoption rate of gas-powered stoves in the Union.

DeSantis argued that a tax exemption would incentivize gas-powered stove purchases, PBS local news reported. The governor has campaigned heavily against Liberal policies to ban the use of gas-powered appliances, stating that such policies banning the appliances violates U.S. citizens’ rights.

Democrats have showered criticism on DeSantis’ new wave of policies. They argue that a recent string of school policies have taken Florida schools “back to the slave era,” and claim that it is “1865 all over again,” Fox News reported. DeSantis has recently pushed a policy to strip Florida schools of curriculum teaching Critical Race Theory, a move seen as racist by Democrats.

DeSantis is a current favorite Republican presidential candidate next to Trump. Trump currently leads primary polls at 37%, but DeSantis is closely following at 33% of the primary votes.

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