Florida Governor DeSantis Announces Framework for Freedom Budget Proposal

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has “injected” politics into Florida’s $114 Billion budget proposal, The Washington Post reported. DeSantis claimed that Florida will have “enough money to withstand” a national economic downturn and still be able to provide tax cuts.

DeSantis announced his “Framework For Freedom” budget proposal on February 1, the Office of Ron DeSantis reported. DeSantis’ office claims that the budget will help Florida to continue to “outpace” the rest of the nation in building the Florida State economy.

The budget proposal will cover the fiscal year 2023-2024. The Florida governor’s office states that “the Free State of Florida” will set an example “for the rest of the nation to follow.” DeSantis said his proposal would establish “freedom first” policies intended to keep money in Floridian’s pockets.

The budget introduced permanent sales tax exemptions to certain household items, including baby and toddler necessities, sales tax exemptions for cribs and strollers, gas stoves, and over-the-counter pet medications.

Other tax breaks in the proposal include two annual back-to-school sales tax holidays, a 15-week Freedom summer sales tax holiday to save Floridians on outdoor recreation purchases, and a 1-year sales tax exemption on Energy Star electric appliances. A list of additional scheduled tax holidays focused on family-friendly savings for tools, appliances, and pet care.

The proposal’s decision to include gas stoves in sales tax exemption stirred up some political controversy, Florida Politics reported. DeSantis made the permanent tax exemption as a direct response to Left-leaning policies to do away with gas-powered stoves in favor of electrification. DeSantis argued that the tax cut would “not allow” leftist policies to “take gas stoves away.”

Florida reportedly has the lowest adoption of gas stoves in the nation. DeSantis believes setting the permanent tax exemption is “just the principle” allowing more Floridians to purchase gas-powered stoves.

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