Florida Bill To Oppose Political Loyalty Tests; DeSantis Draws Political Heat as Possible Presidential Contender

(RepublicanDaily.org) – A new bill following efforts by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is set to challenge political loyalty tests, and the need to meet “certain racial qualities,” The Tampa Bay Times reported. The bill would prevent universities and other academic institutions in Florida from forcing applicants of specific university roles from needing to pass political loyalty or racial affiliation tests before being considered for hire.

Governor Ron DeSantis, a crowd favorite of Republicans as a possible contender for the 2024 election campaigns, has made waves in recent political news for his new spate of Florida reforms. The new bill to end political loyalty tests comes along with a series of Florida bills to even the balance of liberal and conservative power in Florida, to limit Florida’s exposure and dependence on business entities from the Chinese Communist regime, and to promote the competitive economy of Florida among other states.

He has likewise drawn strong criticism from the left-leaning media in recent news, due to his foreign policy. Left-leaning media entity The Intelligencer analyzed that DeSantis had fully subscribed to the Make America Great Again political doctrines on foreign policy because of comments DeSantis made about the Russia-Ukraine conflict. DeSantis called the Biden administration’s support of the Ukraine war effort a “blank check” policy.

The Intelligencer quoted DeSantis from his guest appearance on Fox & Friends, where the governor denounced President Biden’s surprise diplomatic visit to Russia. DeSantis said that he believed it “would behoove” the Biden administration to identify a clear objective for what the administration is specifically attempting to achieve by promoting the Ukrainian war effort.

Former President Donald Trump joined the chorus of criticism of Ron DeSantis, in a thread published on Truth Social, CNN reported. In his post, Trump criticized DeSantis’ loyalty skills and said that he was a “Jeb Bush fan”. Bush was the 43rd governor of Florida, and was often the subject of criticism from Trump during the 2016 primary, Rolling Stone wrote. In his thread, Trump claimed to have made DeSantis governor of Florida, and called DeSantis a “globalist,” though it was not clear what precisely Trump was accusing DeSantis of doing. Trump’s claim that he made DeSantis Florida governor was the reason he gave for why it would be “disloyal” for DeSantis to run for the Presidential Election 2024, Rolling Stone wrote.

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