First Lady Tests Positive for Coronavirus

( – First Lady Jill Biden recently tested positive for coronavirus, while President Joe Biden has tested negative for the virus.

Elizabeth Alexanderm who serves as communications director for the First Lady, said in a statement that the 72-year old First Lady’s symptom were “mild” and that she would be staying at the Biden home in Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

For the president’s part, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the chief executive, who was exposed to the First Lady and flew back alone from Delaware following his spouse’s positive test, would be constantly monitored for any symptoms of coronavirus and undergo testing “at a regular cadence” for at least a week.

The First Lady was last reported to have the virus in August of last year, which followed the president’s last positive coronavirus test in July of the same year.

The Centers for Disease Control have recommended that people exposed to coronavirus patients wear a high-quality mask for 10 days, but the president has been inconsistent in his mask-wearing, despite the White House press office saying that he would be following the 10-day recommended masking period.

Despite media and left-leaning politicians’ claims to the contrary, masks simply do not prevent virus transmission.

During an event where he delivered remarks to reporters at the White House state Dining Room, the president strode into the room unmasked, and even joked to attendees to not tell on him for not wearing his mask, as he reassured them that he continues to test negative for the virus.

During a recent Medal of Honor ceremony, the president was wearing a mask before he took it off to deliver a speech honoring medal recipient and Vietnam War veteran Army Captain Larry L. Taylor, but he did not wear it again when he conferred the medal to Taylor. Both the Vietnam vet and the president are octogenarians and belong to a group the CDC says is more susceptible to more severe symptoms of the virus.

Coronavirus cases have been on the rise in recent days, which while far from the historic highs, still worries a number of health experts, who say that actual numbers may be higher than official reports.

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