First Ebola Treatment Approved By US Regulators

First Ebola Treatment Approved By US Regulators

( – There was a major development in the fight against the Ebola virus on Wednesday, October 14. The FDA announced it had approved a new treatment for a prevalent and dangerous strain of the disease. Regeneron’s Inmazeb is the first treatment of its kind to receive FDA approval.

Ebola has been a massive public health problem in Africa for the last several years. This treatment, in addition to the vaccine the FDA approved in December of last year, will be instrumental in fighting the epidemic.

While Ebola cases are rare in America, the FDA still has a key role to play in this process. Before pharmaceutical companies release drugs aimed at developing markets, they often seek FDA approval. This certification makes it easier to obtain approval from governments in smaller countries, as the process can otherwise be protracted.

While Ebola might not be the virus currently causing the biggest problems worldwide, it remains a pressing concern. This treatment’s release is a very welcome development.

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