Female Accuser Steps Forward Exposing FBI

Female Accuser Steps Forward Exposing FBI

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Dr. Larry Nassar was once a highly respected sports physician treating elite athletes and dancers. He worked for USA Gymnastics as a doctor and also at Michigan State University as a sports physician. In 2018, however, Nassar’s reputation was shattered when it was revealed he had committed sexual crimes against hundreds of women. Michigan State University paid $500 million in settlements to Nassar’s victims, and he will spend the rest of his life in jail.

Despite the enormous damage Larry Nassar caused to hundreds of women, some justice was served. However, it now transpires that Nassar could have been stopped in his tracks a lot sooner if our federal police were doing their jobs properly.

Justice Department Rips the FBI

On Wednesday, July 14, the Justice Department’s internal watchdog released a report on the FBI’s handling of the Nassar case. It was a scathing rebuke of the agency’s efforts, identifying a number of problems with the way agents handled the case. There were “numerous and fundamental errors” made during the probe, and it’s also alleged that two FBI agents lied to conceal these mistakes.

The 119-page report also notes that the Bureau failed to treat the Nassar case with the “seriousness and urgency” warranted. It pointed to several specific shortcomings, such as one agent’s failure to contact a victim for an interview for five weeks after she initially made contact. In some cases, the FBI never contacted potential victims at all.

Jessica Howard Speaks Out

On Thursday, July 15, Former gymnast Jessica Howard, a survivor of Nassar’s abuse, appeared on CBS News to discuss these failures by the FBI. Howard spoke of her “outrage” that the FBI, “one of the most trusted institutions” in America, could fall short like this when dealing with such a serious matter.

Howard mentioned Nassar’s status as a “high-profile doctor,” discussing how this made it more difficult for her to come forward with her story. She was among over 200 women to make victim impact statements at Nassar’s trial.

The FBI has issued an apology for its failure to deal with the Nassar case properly, and the agency has promised that the agents who mismanaged the case will not get any similar assignments in the future. However, for the dozens of women who likely could have been spared unimaginable trauma had the FBI dispatched its duties timely and responsibly, this will provide little consolation.

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