Feds Accuse Woman of Soliciting Murder on Dark Web

(RepublicanDaily.org) – A woman in Tennessee has been accused of attempting to hire a hitman to murder the wife of a man she met through an online dating site.

Melody Sasser, age 47, was charged in a district court in Knoxville, Tennessee, for reportedly using the dark web to hire a hitman to kill the wife of a man she met on Match.com. Court documents reportedly revealed that Sasser created the fictitious name “cattree” and offered a sum of $9,750 to a group on the dark web called the Online Killers Market.

According to the wife, Sasser and her husband had met through Match.com and were hiking buddies before the husband moved from Knoxville to an undisclosed city in Alabama. Upon learning that the man was engaged to someone else, Sasser started harassing the wife-to-be, a criminal complaint explained.

These court documents redacted the names of the couple. Reportedly, the couple was identified by the media as Jennifer and David Wallace.

Media stated it was unclear if Sasser and Wallace were ever involved romantically. However, Sasser took the news of the engagement hard, wishing death on the Wallace couple, and allegedly putting gashes in their car. Jennifer Wallace reportedly received an overwhelming number of threatening phone calls. Criminal complaints also revealed that Sasser tracked Mrs. Wallace using a fitness app to follow her location.

The investigation followed the screenshots from the Online Killers Market to get a better idea of Sasser’s plot. Messages from Sasser to the overseers of the Online Killers Market showed that she wanted the group to arrange the other woman’s murder in a way that looked like a freak accident. Either that, or they would plant drugs.

Sasser reportedly complained on the online marketplace about her murder-for-hire plot going unfinished. Messages revealed that she prompted the site to urgency, complaining when “the job” went unfinished after weeks. After two months, Sasser’s frustration escalated, and she began to demand the job be carried out by someone at the site who would be able to complete the job. She exchanged messages with the site manager who claimed their assassin felt the job was “too risky.” To expedite her murder order, Sasser exchanged detailed information with the site administrator, giving him the location, habits, and license plate numbers of the Wallace couple.

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