Federal Agents Unleash on Biden for Claiming He Has “More Important” Issues Than the Border

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Even the Biden Administration’s strongest supporters couldn’t claim it’s done a good job of securing our southern border. The president’s failure to control immigration should be a huge embarrassment — but in fact, it seems like he doesn’t even care. Now he’s angered Border Patrol officers by dismissing their concerns.

On November 30, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed President Joe Biden has visited the US-Mexican border since he became president, even though his travel logs clearly show he hasn’t. On Monday, she changed tack and accused Republicans who visit the border of perpetrating political stunts. Then on December 6, Biden himself showed how little he cares about the issue by saying he has “more important things” to do than securing our country against illegal immigrants — even when he was just a short trip away from it.

On Tuesday, Biden was in Phoenix, Arizona, to visit a computer chip factory that’s planning to expand its production line. Tech manufacturing is definitely important, but Biden doesn’t seem to understand it any more than he understands border security. In a worrying speech, he praised the factory while making it clear that he doesn’t actually know what it does.

Border Patrol agents weren’t impressed at the president’s words. One said the incident showed how Biden is becoming detached from reality, while another raged, “This is HIS disaster.” Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Control Council, accused the president of putting politics ahead of American lives.

With the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border every day, Biden should at least attempt to see what the situation is like — especially when he’s so close to it.

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