FBI Fails to Release Subpoenaed Biden Document

(RepublicanDaily.org) – The FBI has failed to release a document that was subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee on the ongoing investigations into President Biden and his family, Fox News reported. In a private meeting between the House Oversight Committee and the FBI on Monday, May 22, the FBI” refused” to give the Committee the requested records, Fox News reported. The document allegedly details a bribery scheme, Fox News reported.

The House Oversight Committee reportedly petitioned the FBI for an unclassified FD-1023 after a whistleblower reportedly told the Oversight Committee that the agency kept a document detailing the alleged scheme in its records, Fox News reported.

Republicans had petitioned the FBI for a document detailing an “unspecified” criminal scheme that involved President Biden himself, after earlier subpoenas of Hunter Biden’s business dealings abroad, The Hill reported. The alleged criminal scheme reportedly involved President Biden, who was then the vice president under former President Barack Obama, and a foreign national. When the House Oversight Committee Chair Representative James Comer (R.KY) subpoenaed the document earlier in May, it reportedly “escalated” the Oversight Committee’s probe into the president and his family, The Hill reported.

In March, Comer subpoenaed bank records for Hunter Biden and his business associates, CNN reported. The subpoena was sent to Bank of America and reportedly requested records for three associates of Hunter Biden. This subpoena was reportedly “broad” in its context, asking for all the financial records that Bank of America had on file for the Biden associates. The records requested are those of U.S. national John Robinson Walker, and “other associates” of the president’s son, Hunter Biden, who had affiliate ties to a Chinese energy company that is now defunct, called CEFC Energy China, CNN reported.

The FBI has been under intense political scrutiny following the release of the Durham Report. The report released over 300 pages detailing the inquiry and conclusion of Special Counsel John Durham’s review of FBI procedures in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation. Durham concluded that the investigation into Trump and his alleged Russian relationships was “flawed,” the Associated Press reported.

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