Father and Son Killed on Way to College Orientation

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Shane Lloyd and his teenage son Jakob were killed this past Sunday afternoon after a drunk driver ran a red light and plowed into their vehicle. Jakob, 19, was on his way with his dad from Colorado to Orlando, where he was set to become a freshman and undergo orientation at his new college. The drunk driver is a 40-year-old woman named Leslie Gehret. She survived the crash and has a history of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges.

The crash occurred in the greater Orlando area, once the Lloyds had almost reached their destination at the University of Central Florida (UCF). According to witness Chase Woodburn, the Lloyd’s Kia rolled over several times, ending up resting on its roof. Woodburn and others went to help survivors and found Gehret in “total shock.” Gehret is facing two vehicular homicide charges and manslaughter as well as a felony DUI charge, the third on her record in the past 10 years, which automatically makes it a felony charge. Gehret was allegedly driving on a suspended license at the time of the crash and was not permitted to be on the roads even if she had been sober. She is in jail on $700,000 bond.

The Lloyd’s surviving family members are devastated, including Jakob’s aunt Shannon, who says he had his “whole life” in front of him and that her brother Shane had also always been her “hero.” Shannon added that Gehret has “no excuse” for what happened. Although the Lloyds will also be “praying” for forgiveness for Gehret and her family, Shannon said that her serial drunk driving needs to lead to stricter laws around intoxicated driving by lawmakers.

Shane is survived by his wife Sydney and two sons Ben and Owen. Jakob had ambitions to become involved in law or get into being a forensics investigator, and had been on his high school wrestling and football team.

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