Farmer Discovers Treasure Trove of Coins in Corn Field

( – An unnamed farmer in Kentucky made the discovery of a lifetime on his property last month: millions of dollars of buried gold coins from the Civil War. The find is nicknamed the “Great Kentucky Hoard” and is already being hailed by numismatic experts and coin collectors as an extraordinary event.

Coin collecting expert Andy Salzberg, who heads a certified numismatic collectors company, noted that these coins are “remarkably well preserved” and also have a “rarely observed” and remarkable “freshness” to them that you don’t often find in old coins. Initial video of the farmer finding the coins shows him breathless as he digs up more and more, saying “this is insane!” as he unearths the gold Civil War-era coinage and remarks on its considerable value.

The unnamed farmer found 700 gold coins, dating from between 1850 to 1863. This included numerous extremely rare coins including 18 highly sought-after 1863-P Liberty coins which are 90% pure gold and have distinguishing features from other standard Liberty coins. They are estimated to be worth over $100,000 each on the coin collecting market. The Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) has certified this find using the services of numismatic expert Jeff Garrett who says the “stunning” find is a “virtual time capsule of Civil War-era coinage.” In particular, Garrett has expressed excitement about finding so many 1863 Double Eagle coins as well as coins made at the “elusive” Dahlonega Mint.

As a border state between the Confederates and Union, Kentucky was officially neutral during the Civil War. However, by 1862 the state largely came under control of Union forces. Archaeology Professor Ryan McNutt says the Union coinage was possibly buried to avoid an attack in Kentucky in the summer of 1963 led by Confederate General John Hunt Morgan. The coins will be listed and sold off by rare coin dealers GovMint, who said they are “honored” for the opportunity to help preserve these coins and bring them to market.

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