Famous Singer Takes Shelter as Shooter Rocks Oklahoma State Fair

Famous Singer Takes Shelter as Shooter Rocks Festival

(RepublicanDaily.org) – A 17-year-old teen reportedly pulled out a gun and shot another boy, a stranger, after an argument between the two came to blows at the Oklahoma State Fair recently.

Members of law enforcement were able to apprehend and arrest the teen and another suspect – whose names will not be released since they are minors – while the victim is as of press time still in critical condition in the hospital. The alleged shooter has been charged with one count of assault with the deadly weapon.

The rock band Mötley Crüe was performing during the incident, and when the shot was fired, lead singer Vince Neil and the rest of the band sought shelter in their dressing rooms while authorities tried to make sense of the situation.

Recounting his experience on social media, Neil said the band was three-quarters done with their set when a shot rang out and people everywhere started running. The band was instructed to stop playing and proceed to their dressing room for safety. “Thank you fans for your understanding,” Neil wrote.

Authorities and organizers of the fair said that the teen must have smuggled the gun into the event other than through the entrances, all of which were equipped with metal detectors that they say would have picked up even the smallest firearm.

According to KOCO News 5, a witness said that the scenes after the sound of the shot going off were “crazy.” People who were told to evacuate ran wildly toward the exits, and cars trying to leave caused traffic jams in and around the area. Many of the children who came with their families cried amidst the confusion and chaos.

Police, who have called the shooting an isolated incident, are set to meet with other authorities to see what changes can be made to better secure the fair in the future, as it sees thousands of visitors every year.

Attendees who are able to provide proof that they were there during the hours of the shooting are also eligible for a refund on their entrance tickets, fair organizers said.

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