Fact or Fiction: Will We Ever See a Third Party President?

Fact or Fiction: Will We Ever See a Third Party President?

(RepublicanDaily.org) – The American political system has had two dominant parties since the time of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Many third parties have arisen since then, but none have enjoyed major success. This begs the question; could a third-party candidate ever become president?

Currently, the largest third party in the United States is the Libertarian Party. Jo Jorgensen ran for president under its banner in 2020. While she performed reasonably well in some states (she claimed over 60,000 votes in Georgia), she never presented a credible threat to the two main candidates.

One of the main issues with the Libertarian Party is its radicalism. While libertarianism offers some interesting ideas, it would be far too extreme in practice to work in the federal government. The party favors, for example, the legalization of all drugs, the abolition of income tax, and the dissolution of the IRS.

A more moderate third-party candidate could overcome this issue. However, as is explored in the video below in the context of a gubernatorial race, there are also a number of procedural (and financial) hurdles for third-party candidates to jump.

The two-party system has a lot of limitations. However, it provides voters with two coherent, consistent, reasonably moderate political movements to pick from at every election. It’s difficult to see another party gathering enough support to challenge the Democrats and Republicans, at least not for many years to come.

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