Eric Adams Visits El Paso, Warns NYC Has Reached Migrant Hosting Capacity

( – New York City’s mayor warns that the city has reached its full capacity and cannot handle further migrant influx.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams visited El Paso, Texas on January 15. He lamented the state of migrant living conditions in the city, and warned that New York has “no more room” to bring busloads of migrants to New York, Reuters reported.

Adams’ visit to El Paso was the first visit of its kind for a New York mayor to a Texas city, The Guardian reported. The New York mayor’s visit followed controversy over Republican-led states’ decision to send migrants via charter plane to Democrat-controlled metropolitan areas.

Adams toured migrant shelters during his trip to El Paso. During his tour, he had a full view of the migrant crisis in Texas, which reportedly contributed directly to New York City reaching host limits.

New York has reached a housing and homelessness crisis exacerbated by the influx of migrants. Adams’ trip to El Paso will cost New York City an estimated $2 billion, which will increase pressure on the city’s looming budget crisis, Reuters reported.

Adams and the Democratic Mayor of El Paso, Oscar Leeser, had sent busloads of migrants to New York City in 2022, New York Post reported.

Migrants urged Adams to take them back to New York City where “they help more than anywhere else,” the New York Post reported. El Paso sends 42% of the migrants to New York.

ABC reports that migrant traffic in El Paso has slowed with the new year. Factors such as the Supreme Court’s decision to extend health code Title 42, the winter conditions, and 600 National Guard troops arriving at the border have contributed to the traffic slowdown.

The slow migrant traffic in January follows a surge of border agents’ deportations in mid-December. Border patrol agents apprehended 2,150 unauthorized migrants each day and provided care for 4,000 migrants during December.

Migrant encounters topped 250,000 in December, smashing records, Fox News reported.

Adam’s visit directly follows President Joe Biden’s first presidential visit to El Paso on January 8.

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