Email Reportedly Shows Chief of Staff’s Request to Hunter Biden

Email Reportedly Shows Chief of Staff's Request to Hunter Biden

( – Will there ever be an end to the whispers of corruption and impropriety surrounding Hunter Biden? In the latest episode about President Joe Biden’s son, news outlets are reporting about Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s request to him back in 2012.

On Tuesday, April 5, Fox News released a report on emails it reviewed that Ron Klain apparently sent to Hunter Biden in 2012. In the email, Klain asked Biden for help raising $20,000 for the Vice President’s Residence Foundation (VPRF), when Klain was serving as the chair of the foundation. Additionally, Klain instructed Biden to keep this effort “low low key” as it might invite “bad PR” if news of it became public.

The correspondence further explains the VPRF urgently needed to raise funds in order to retain its status as a public charity.

You can see the email for yourself in the tweet below.

According to the Fox report, Hunter Biden subsequently forwarded the message to his business partner and financial manager Eric Schwerin. It appears Biden attempted to figure out whether he could send a check to Klain via his law firm, Owasco PC. While we don’t know whether Hunter Biden ended up donating to the cause or not, a VPRF 990 tax form shows the foundation took in $20,500 in donations in 2012.

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