Elon Musk Slaps Back at San Francisco Mayor

Elon Musk Slaps Back at San Francisco Mayor

(RepublicanDaily.org) РMultibillionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has caused his fair share of controversy since his takeover of social media platform Twitter. The most recent issue has surrounded his alleged attempts to convert some of the company’s offices into bedrooms to allow employees to work longer hours. This story is now the basis of an ongoing dispute between Musk and the Department of Building Inspection in San Francisco.

Officials with the department reportedly instigated a probe after receiving reports from employees about the conversion effort underway in the offices. Workers stated they came into the office to find some rooms kitted out with beds and other basic living amenities. Following an official complaint, a probe began to determine whether Twitter had unlawfully used office space for living accommodations. According to Patrick Hannan, a spokesperson for the department, officials will visit the premises and issue a notice of violation if the company is found to be in breach of the relevant provisions.

Musk responded to news of the investigation by accusing San Francisco Mayor London Breed of focusing on this purportedly minor issue while the city faces severe ongoing social problems.

What do you think? Are San Francisco officials justified in their attempts to rein in Musk, or should they spend their time and resources addressing more serious issues?

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