Elon Musk Orders CRACKDOWN – Group Named!

Elon Musk Orders Crackdown of Antifa Accounts

Elon Musk Orders a Major Crackdown

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Many leftists are reacting badly to Elon Musk taking control of Twitter. They’ve controlled and weaponized the social media platform for so long that, faced with a level playing field, at last, they can’t handle it. The extremist Antifa movement is particularly mad, and as usual, has turned to threats of violence to make Musk back down.

Since Musk took over Twitter on October 28, there’s been a storm of protest from Liberals as the platform’s censorship policies and anti-conservative bias have been dismantled. Thousands of users have opened accounts on alternative Mastodon, which has some Twitter-like features — and spend their days on Twitter talking about it — but the extreme group went further.

On November 25, Antifa-linked Twitter accounts called for arson attacks on Musk’s Tesla dealerships, leading to bomb threats against a Lynnwood, Washington, property. Maybe they expected him to back down and let them go back to using Twitter to organize riots. He didn’t.

Musk said the group’s terroristic threats were “concerning,” but he clearly wasn’t intimidated because this week, he launched a new purge of more accounts. One — @crimethink — has been described as the equivalent of ISIS for its radicalizing propaganda material. Now it’s been shut down. Others are gone too; Portland, Oregon group @Weststrikeback161, which orchestrates attacks on businesses, has been suspended. Fugitive from justice Jarrid Huber, another Portland member, had continued to use Twitter while on the run — he isn’t using it anymore.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo says there are still Antifa accounts active on the platform, but Musk has responded to the group’s threats by taking down many of the worst offenders. Will the Left get the message yet, or will more purges be necessary?

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