Eight Human Traffickers Caught During Daring Rescue of Missing Teen

Eight Human Traffickers Caught During Daring Rescue of Missing Teen

8 Arrests Made in MAJOR Human Trafficking Bust, Teen Rescued

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Earlier this year, a 15-year-old girl went missing after she left her father’s side to use the bathroom at a Dallas Mavericks game. After a 10-day search by authorities, the teenager was eventually found in an Extended Stay America hotel in Oklahoma City. Police have now detained eight suspects in relation to the case.

According to reports, the Oklahoma City Police Department has arrested Steven Hill, Chevaun Gibson, Karen Gonzales, Thalia Gibson, Sarah Hayes, Melissa Wheeler, Saniya Alexander, and Kenneth Nelson on charges related to the alleged trafficking of the young girl. Hayes, Nelson, and Gonzales are charged with the distribution of child pornography and human trafficking, while Hill stands charged with rape.

The family’s attorney, Zeke Fortenberry, shared a statement with the media criticizing the response of the Dallas Police Department to the girl’s disappearance. The family believes law enforcement in the city should have worked more quickly when investigating leads. The statement also took aim at the hotel in which the girl was found, claiming the establishment turned a “blind eye to the sexual exploitation” occurring on the premises. Fortenberry also expressed the family’s intention to hold those responsible accountable so “this never happens to any other child.”

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