E. Jean Carroll Sues Trump for CNN Comments

(RepublicanDaily.org) – E. Jean Carroll has sued former President Donald Trump for comments he made about her during his CNN Town Hall appearance, The New York Times reported. As Carroll seeks new damages for claims of defamation, Trump faces a possible $10 million lawsuit, CNBC reported. Carroll filed court papers in May, seeking “substantial” damages for Trump’s alleged defamation of her character on the CNN Town Hall program.

Trump’s CNN appearance took place “one day” after Carroll was awarded damages in another lawsuit against the former president, CNBC reported.

The $10 million lawsuit followed another lawsuit filed in Manhattan in which Carroll accused Trump of rape and defamation. Carroll had made the claim that Trump had raped her in the dressing room of a Bergdorf Goodman high-end retailer in 1996, PBS Newshour reported. However, Trump claimed that he had never met Carroll, and then proceeded to make comments about what, in his view, was the highly unlikely nature of her narrative. Carroll sued Trump in Manhattan for $5 million.

A jury found Trump liable for defamation as well as a battery by “touching Carroll without her consent”, which was the legal term for finding him liable in a civil trial for the allegations, Newsweek explained. The former president has been ordered to pay Carroll $5 million in damages. At the time of this report, Trump sought to appeal the $5 million lawsuit.

Trump has been vocally critical of the lawsuits brought against him. In response to Carroll’s $10 million suit, Trump took to Truth Social to express his disgust. The former president maintained that he was innocent of the accusations, claiming that he “did not know” and “would not want to know,” Carroll.

In his Truth Social post, Trump stated that the doors of Bergdorf Goodman dressing rooms are locked, and the stores are “crowded”, both of which, he suggested, would make it difficult for him to have done what Carroll alleged he had done. Carroll’s narrative stated that Trump forced her against the wall of a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room and forced her to have intercourse before she was able to push him off of her and flee the scene.

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