Drug Dealers Should Be Punished by Death, Trump Says

Drug Dealers Should Be Punished by Death, Trump Says

Donald Trump Demands DEATH PENALTY – Surprise Public Announcement!

(RepublicanDaily.org) – In the US, the only time the courts currently allow the death penalty as a punishment is when a victim has died. There are questions about whether the federal government can impose it for crimes against the state, like treason or espionage, but prosecutors haven’t sought that sentence in modern times. Former President Donald Trump is now floating it as a possibility for a different group of convicts.

On July 26, during a speech at the America First Policy Institute, Trump said the penalties for selling narcotics “should be very, very severe.” He went on to say the countries that don’t have problems with drugs are the ones that “institute a very quick trial death penalty sentence for” dealers. Those nations include Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, and Cuba. The 45th POTUS told the conservative crowd the government could save “500 lives” for every convict they execute.

Historically, courts used the death penalty as punishment for other crimes besides murder. For example, those convicted of rape were often sentenced to death. However, many times, states imposed it on black people when the alleged victims were white. Eventually, the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) put a stop to that.

In 2008, in the case of Kennedy v. Louisiana, the SCOTUS justices ruled courts could not impose capital punishment for sexual assault, reaffirming it was only something that should be done when a victim died.

More than 100,000 people died from drug overdoses last year. While it’s unclear how many of those people lost their lives after purchasing narcotics from a dealer, it leaves open the question of whether that would meet the SCOTUS criteria of crimes where a victim has died. What do you think?

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