Driver Shot at After Illegally Entering Marine Base

Man Shot at While Attempting Illegal Entry at Marine Base

( – A member of the military police (MP) force in charge of security at the Twentynine Palms Marine base in California was forced to shoot at a civilian who illegally entered the facility using a vehicle.

Capt. Johnathon Huizar, who serves as spokesperson for the Twentynine Palms base, said that they do not believe that the incident was an act of terrorism, but the Naval Criminal Investigative Service is still conducting its investigation about the illegal entry.

The civilian in question is already in custody – and was seen at a naval hospital – and appeared unarmed and uninjured when he was arrested, which is why military is also not considering the incident an “active shooter” situation.

A military police officer was forced to fire on the vehicle after it illegally entered the base. The driver evaded initial efforts to stop them, according to reports. Only one MP fired a shot at the vehicle.

According to, Huizar said that the incident proves that the base’s security measures are “still intact” and an after-actions review of the incident is being conducted alongside the NCIS investigation.

The Twentynine Palms marine base is located close to Joshua Tree National Park in California, and is a hub for various Marine combat training exercises and facilities.

The incident is the second time this year that someone has attempted to enter a military base illegally. Earlier in the year, another civilian attempted to breach the barriers at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, but denial barriers installed at the entrance impeded the vehicle’s progress and caused it to catch fire. The vehicle’s occupants were arrested and taken to a nearby hospital.

In 2022, a man in Jacksonville, Florida died after ramming into the Naval Air Station’s entrance barriers in an attempt to escape a car crash he was involved in. In the same year, another man died after crashing into Luke Air Force Base in Arizona’s barriers.

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