Dr. Oz SURPRISE – This Could Change Everything

Dr. Oz Gets Big Endorsement Before Election

Dr. Oz Gets Big Endorsement Before Election

(RepublicanDaily.org) – One of the highlights of next month’s midterm elections is the Pennsylvania Senate race between Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman (D) and his GOP rival Dr. Mehmet Oz. The controversial Democrat started off with a solid lead, but that’s faded away as health worries and questions about his income have taken the shine off his campaign. Now they’re almost evenly matched — but Oz has just received a big boost.

Early in the Pennsylvania race it looked like Fetterman, an unconventional radical, was likely to take the seat being vacated by Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA). His opponent, popular TV medic Dr. Mehmet Oz, was endorsed by former president Donald Trump, which energized Republican voters in the state. Oz has also been helped by Fetterman’s medical condition becoming more obvious to voters as he struggles to communicate and campaign — raising questions about his ability to do the job if elected.

Now Oz has been given another push. On October 18, his campaign announced an endorsement from the Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association (PSCOA). The association’s president, John Eckenrode, praised Oz for his “leadership and support” of corrections officers and complimented his knowledge of the problems they face.

Normally an endorsement from corrections officers wouldn’t be significant, but it could be in this race. Fetterman is notoriously soft on crime, forcing the state’s parole board to release dozens of serious criminals. He’s recommended releasing a third of all inmates in Pennsylvania. Voters have their doubts about this, and the PSCOA endorsement will help position Oz as the law and order candidate.

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