Donald Trump Weighs in on Biden Immigration

Donald Trump Weighs in on Biden Immigration

( – When it comes to immigration policy, Donald Trump’s and Joe Biden’s approaches could hardly be more different. While Trump focused on commonsense strategies that kept American border communities safe, President Biden appears determined to be as liberal as possible in terms of admissions. This shift has resulted in a catastrophe on our southern border. Crossings are at their highest level in two decades, according to a Biden administration representative.

On Wednesday, March 17, former President Trump joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Primetime to discuss the current administration’s challenges. He slammed Joe Biden’s immigration policies, claiming the uncontrolled migration we’re currently seeing has the potential to “destroy our country.”

President Trump also discussed the COVID-19 vaccine, encouraging his supporters to get it. He called the inoculation “a safe vaccine… that works.”

Whether you liked Donald Trump as a president or not, it’s difficult to argue against his track record on border security. Biden’s team would do well to take note of what he says.

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