Donald Trump Skyrockets in New Election Data

( – Former President Donald Trump’s poll numbers have reportedly “skyrocketed,” while rivals continue to fall behind.

Despite his recent legal debacles, and, at the time of this report, the continuing possibility of arrest, Trump’s poll numbers are reportedly holding up to the promise of his previous presidential campaigns.

Since May, the former president has been gaining in his lead over rival presidential candidate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. However, in Iowa, DeSantis reportedly was gaining on Trump with the two candidates reportedly coming to a tie.

Media analysts reasoned that Trump is excelling in the polls because of his indictment. The data, analysts state, is clear, that Trump is performing better in the polls post-indictment than he was before his arrest and arraignment in Manhattan. Trump was charged by Manhattan District

Attorney Alvin Bragg on allegations of business document fraud.

At the time of this report, Trump had also announced that he had been indicted for the classified documents he took to his residence at Mar-a-Lago estates in Palm Beach, Florida. Reports of the indictment in the case of the classified documents broke on June 8. At the time of this report, Trump had been summoned to answer the charges presented against him at a Miami, Florida court.

Sebastian Gorka, an analyst, and commentator with Newsmax, explained that Trump was also leading in the polls because of the growing concerns that stem from President Biden’s growing appearance of being senile. Gorka argued that an election cannot be won with a “senile old man” and many record-breaking issues in America such as the rapid spike in fentanyl and the influx of illegal immigration at the United States Southern Border. Gorka argued that the only way that the Biden administration could win the 2024 election is if the most “powerful” opposition in America is behind bars.

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