Donald Trump Says “NO” as Rumors Swirl!

Donald Trump Isn't Returning to Twitter, at Least Not Yet

Donald Trump Isn’t Returning to Twitter, at Least Not Yet

( – Social media giant Twitter and former President Donald Trump have both had their share of new coverage lately. Entrepreneur Elon Musk’s buyout of Twitter has seen a significant change on the platform (including the removal of the ban on the former president), and Trump has just announced a fourth bid for the White House despite many questioning his candidacy. Regardless of the lifting of the ban and his intention to run again, Trump says he’s not going back to Twitter just yet.

Despite the former president’s previous enthusiasm about Twitter (he used it extensively prior to his ban and even stated it was instrumental in his election win in 2016), he has not yet reactivated his account following Elon Musk’s announcement this month that Trump was no longer banned.

Trump’s position on this matter is likely related to his stake in Truth Social. The alternative platform was launched as a free-speech substitute to Twitter, so the former president’s use of Truth Social’s main rival could cause issues from a marketing perspective.

Additionally, Trump’s departure from Truth Social could affect the site’s profitability, and there’s a legal stipulation regarding a merger between Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) and Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC). The former president is legally bound “to make any social media posts on Truth Social” and cannot post the same message to other sites for at least 6 hours, according to BBC.

Yet, some were happy to see his ban lifted and hopeful he might post in the future.

Would you like to see Donald Trump make his comeback on Twitter?

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