Donald Trump PAUSES Rally – Crowd Goes Crazy!

Donald Trump Pauses Rally To Show Compilation of Biden's Disturbing Gaffes

Donald Trump Pauses Rally To Show Compilation of Biden’s Disturbing Gaffes

( – President Joe Biden has developed a worldwide reputation for his proneness to gaffes. His many mistakes during public speaking engagements have fed into the public perception he’s unfit for the office he holds. During a recent campaign event in Mesa, Arizona, former President Donald Trump took aim at his successor’s tendencies with a scathing video.

Trump stated Biden was unable to “think clearly,” which was why he had directed agencies like the FBI to pursue Trump. He then told his audience to “take a look” at a video his team had prepared, entitled “Let’s Get Ready To Bumble,” a play on the famous song “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble.”

The compilation featured a number of Biden’s most infamous gaffes. It showed him stumbling over his words on a large number of occasions, falling on the stairs of Air Force One, and mistakenly calling for deceased Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) during an event that took place after her death.

Conservative supporters in the crowd responded with a chant of “Joe’s Got To Go!”

Trump was in Arizona to stump for Republican candidates Blake Masters and Kari Lake, among others. The event took place in Mesa’s Bell Bank Park.

Do you think this video was an effective campaigning strategy?

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