Donald Trump Gives Update About His Wife

( – Former President Donald Trump gave an update on how his wife, former First Lady Melania Trump, is coping as the former president faces indictments in multiple legal cases.

Trump told reporters gathered around the federal court of Miami, Florida that his wife was a “confident” person and typically took things “in stride.” For this reason, Mr. Trump stated that, while Mrs. Trump hurts when the family is hurt, she “didn’t care” too much about all the indictment cases.

Mr. Trump explained that Mrs. Trump was visiting her residence in Trump Tower, Manhattan, New York from June 10 to June 12.

The former First Lady has drawn media criticism as her husband again made headlines for his appearances in court. Political commentators referred to Mrs. Trump pejoratively as “modern-day Houdini” and pointed out that she was known for her public “disappearing acts.” The former First Lady was reportedly criticized after choosing to remove herself from the public eye during the legal cases scandal.

Mrs. Trump’s absence from the press has led to speculation. However, a source close to the Trump family told the media that Mrs. Trump is sure to stand by her husband as his legal battles continue. The source claimed that Mrs. Trump and her family are, by now, “used” to dealing with the various political and legal battles the former president has become embroiled in over the years since he took office as president.

The source claimed that Mrs. Trump, despite appearances, was “100 percent” in support of her husband during the arraignment and trials.

Despite this reassuring claim, media critics argued that actions spoke “louder” than words. Analysts criticized Mrs. Trump’s “muted” actions. Media reports stated that Mrs. Trump has chosen to keep “physical distance” from her husband since he was arraigned on separate charges in Manhattan in January. However, a source told reporters that the Trump couple were actually “closer” than they had ever been.

Meanwhile, Fox News appeared to make a broadcast blunder when covering the Trump arraignment in Miami. Fox captured footage of 27-year-old Trump spokesperson Margo Martin but mistook her for Mrs. Trump.

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